By Amy Wise, Guest Services Associate, Yoga Instructor

Time is a created thing. To say “I don’t have time” is like saying “I don’t want to”’- Lao Tzu 

Time is elusive. We think we have so much and then suddenly it is gone. Take this year for example. It is already July. It is already Summer. Holidays have come and gone, resolutions have flown out the window, and yet we still say, ”Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow”.  

But the time is now. 

Living in the present moment is how we make the most of our time with whatever it is that we are doing. Being aware of your thoughts, your actions, your breath. Notice the small details and find gratitude for the simplest things. Appreciate the days you feel good, and the days you do not; understand that there is a flow, a balance, a give and take. In everything. With everyone. 

Yoga teaches you how to stay present, to live in the moment, to create awareness of both the internal body and the external world. One thing I encourage my students to do is to learn how to take their yoga practice off the mat. Learn how to find the stillness of Savasana during the chaos of daily life – sitting in traffic, waiting in line, getting voice recognition operators to actually understand what you said (one. I said ONE!). 

So the next time you find yourself stressed, calm, angry, happy, depressed, joyful, anything, find gratitude in the feeling. Why? Because the time is now. 

See you on the mat.

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