Celebrate All of the “WINS!”

By Melissa Vitelli, Program Manager

As a member of a fitness center managed by Corporate Health Unlimited, you’ve probably heard about FitTripRXTM: a 12-week body transformation challenge with a goal to lose fat and gain muscle. It’s one of the most challenging competitions offered each year, and often members are frustrated because they didn’t see the results they were hoping for.  


But does that mean they weren’t successful?  


Let’s say before the competition you were struggling to get workouts done 3 days out of the week. Talking with your Fit Coach every few days and turning in your weekly exercise logs helped you maintain 3 workouts each week for the entire 12 weeks of the competition. That’s a WIN! That’s a significant improvement in your consistency!  


Tracking food is a challenge for many fitness center members, and during FitTripRXTM, every calorie counts! While you may not have had a “perfect diet” (does this even exist?) during the competition, you took the time to track food for each meal, making sure your portions were accurate. You have not only figured out how to use your food tracking app, but you’re still using it after the competition has finished. You’re also more mindful about what you choose to eat each day. Again, this is a huge WIN! Often times, nutrition is the hardest part of getting healthier; it really takes discipline and determination in order to be successful.  


Have you ever tried a group fitness class that you thought would be too difficult for you? It takes a lot of encouragement and support from instructors and fitness center members to become brave enough to try something out of your comfort zone! This is a WIN too – and who knows…that class may become your new favorite activity at the gym!  


Don’t think that you’re a failure if you didn’t win the grand prize or meet the fat loss and muscle gain goals you set out for yourself – there’s a lot more to it than that, and you’re more successful than you think! Use the new skills you’ve developed to take on your next goal!  

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