By Carla T. Hardy – MS, CSCS, EIM, CSN 

The world is full of a variety of people. And in this life, we get to make some beautiful connections with others and some we’d rather do without.  Relationships are what makes this world go around. Without them, we are at a standstill. So obviously we want to make the best of the connections we have with one another. 

Our relationships can offer support during difficult times. Be a means of quality interaction and fulfillment. Therefore you should strive to build healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as foster genuine connections with those around you. 

To create and keep positive connections, consider the following. 

Do you: 

  • Make an effort to keep in touch with supportive friends and family? 
  • Own when you are wrong in a situation and take actions to apologize and correct your behavior? 
  • Hang on to negative relationships long after you should let go? 
  • Express gratitude to those that have been there for you? 
  • Reflect on what you would you like to improve in your relationships/friendships? 
  • Communicate effectively? 

Use the above to evaluate your relationships/connections. Then use it to help you improve your interactions. 

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