Wellness 360 Features

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

This is not your traditional health risk assessment. Our Survey is Faster. Smarter. Better. Using biomarkers and activity tracking data to assess a user’s lifestyle risks. Ease of use means higher compliance, giving you the meaningful data you are looking for. Users can set recommended goals in three action able areas EAT/MOVE/FEEL, and watch scores update in real time. The Wellness 360 Survey lets you discover where you are today, and helps you reach where you want to go.

Tools To Stay On Track

Drive behavioral change and make healthy habits stick.  Wellness 360 engages employees with best-in-class wellness programs and initiatives. Unite your workforce through company-wide challenges accessible to your entire employee population. We customize programs with goals targeted at actionable areas based on your employees’ Wellbeing Survey (HRA) responses.

On Demand Video Content

Our on demand video library makes working out easy. Access workout videos in the office, at home or on the go. Only have time for a quick workout? Choose from our list of short workouts. Interested in a yoga class? We have you covered. Our team of certified instructors create workout videos for all fitness levels and are accessed easily through our Wellness 360 platform. Our workouts are curated specifically to employee health goals, and are offered as live classes and pre-recorded instructional videos.

Engaging Content

Our Wellness 360 platform organizes health and wellness content based on individual users goals and interests. Content created with a holistic approach to wellness, offering topics for everyone from physical fitness to mental health. Additionally, our resources tab makes scheduling personal training sessions, mental health counseling, health coaching, and more extremely easy. 

Making Healthy Fun

Our Wellness 360 engagement platform works because it harnesses the power of play.  Employees receive recognition for their participation and are able to earn rewards, all while being inspired by a little friendly competition.  Our platform offers a community environment that is fun and motivating, resulting in ongoing engagement and lasting behavioral change. Get social with photo-sharing, interest groups and stream posts.  Employees are able to discover common interests, mutual goals and the opportunity to network within your organization.

Healthy Habits Are Rewarding

Transform healthy behaviors into ongoing habits with Wellness 360.  Our customizable Rewards + Incentives strategies are tailored to your budget and recognize the behaviors most important to your organization.  Reward employees for reaching achievements pre-determined by you or take advantage of our integrated rewards solution whereby employees gain access to in-app purchases based on their participation in Wellness 360 programs.  Let us help motivate your employees to be the best version of themselves!

Stay Connected With Your Wearable Device

Wellness 360 is your centralized well-being hub. We integrate with top activity devices and apps (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava) to seamlessly capture data and allow employees to spend their time focusing on what’s most important, their well-being. Increase utilization and awareness of the benefits your company offers by connecting your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to our platform. Our connection allows employees to request support from your Employee & Family Assistance Program directly from the Wellness 360 platform making getting help easy, private and painless.

Data Insights for Better Outcomes

Keep your company’s health initiatives timely and relevant.  Our Reporting and Analytics move beyond simple registration and engagement numbers.  Learn about the health risks facing your employees with our aggregate health survey data. Discover the health concerns and objectives important to your workforce, the activities they most enjoy and how they are using the Wellness 360 platform. We work with you to set and meet your KPIs, developing dynamic programming responsive to the needs of your company.

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