Healthy Eating – 101

By Katie Rickels, General Manager

Let’s face it, we make the phrase “eating healthy” much more complicated than it needs to be. There are many fad diets, cookie-cutter programs that break the wallet, and the thought that planning healthy meals is too expensive. I have good news for you – it can be much simpler! Welcome to Healthy Eating 101. 

Why do we crave those little chocolate bars and quick-and-easy drive-thru hamburgers? Because processed foods can bypass your body’s sense of fullness. That smell, texture, and taste leaves your brain wanting more, not realizing most of these foods do not have the nutrients your body needs. Most processed foods are full of sugars and ingredients to make them cheaper and have a longer shelf life.  

When planning your grocery trip, write out a list and look up healthy recipes. Having a plan is step 1. Secondly, aim to shop the walls of the store. What do you normally find on the walls? Fruits, veggies, and meats – whole foods! Shop for different colors, flavors, and textures to keep a variety on your list, and check the ingredients to make sure no extra “harmful” ingredients were added.  

Now, should you cut out all processed foods? You may actually be surprised when I say, “No.” Part of healthy eating is finding a balance. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying an occasional “cheat” meal, yummy snack, or hearty dessert. Living a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable and norestrictive.  



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