Group Fitness

By Lindsey Coggins – BS, CPT 

If you are the type of gym member that wouldn’t be caught dead in a group fitness class, I’m talking to you! If you are the type of gym member that only takes classes and would never workout on their own, keep reading for motivation! Let’s remove the notion that group fitness is only for females wearing leotards using a step and start channeling what group fitness is all about today! At all Corporate Health Unlimited facilities, you will find a well-balanced schedule to ensure that there is a class for everyone and that every area of fitness is included.  

If you’ve never taken a group fitness class, then you’ve likely never experienced the many benefits, including extra motivation and friendly competition. Let’s look at 3 reasons why you should add group fitness into your routine today!  

  1. It’s Fun! Period.  
    Take a grueling workout and add it with a killer playlist and a few people all trying to reach the same goal and it will always equal success! Having an instructor leading you through a workout will also teach you new exercises to implement in your own routine.


  2. Motivation + Accountability
    On days you aren’t feeling motivated or the workout you had preplanned doesn’t sound appealing, jump in a class! You’ll not only be told what to do, but you will have a personal cheerleader to help get you through it! If accountability is your problem, becoming part of a group will ensure that you keep coming back. You don’t want to be the one that doesn’t come back for class! 
  3. Competition + Camaraderie
    Everyone is “in it together”. For all of you social butterflies, this is right up your alley! There’s a special sense of accomplishment when you work as a group to finish the workout together. If competition is your motivation, don’t worry, there’s always healthy competition encouraged with doing the most repetitions or heavier weight than the person next to you.  

The first step into figuring out which class is best for you is to ask the fitness center staff which classes they recommend for your fitness level and goals. Once you decide on the class, show up a few minutes early to talk to the instructor about any concerns you may have regarding injuries or ability to do any exercises. Give one a try today!  

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