Fitness Motivation

By Erin Faris, BS Health Science 

It’s 5:00am, your alarm just went off for you to go work out. You hit snooze and fall back into a deep sleep. 5:09am, another alarm. Snooze again. By 5:18am, you have given up all hope and turn the alarm off completely in hopes that tomorrow will bring a new start. You go on about your day, eating as healthy as possible to make up for that missed workout. Smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, fish and vegetables for dinner, then, what’s that?! Oh, yes! An after-dinner snack…Ice cream sandwich for the win!! Tuesday morning comes, which means so does that 5:00am alarm. You decide you already ruined your week with the missed workout and ice cream sandwich, so you opt to give up this week and start again fresh next week. This is a vicious cycle that will never lead to success. Before you know it, an entire month has passed by without a single workout.  

Think about how much could have changed in that month if you had only started strong and stayed on track?! You could have lost between 4-8lbs, you could have gained 0.5-2lbs of muscle, you could have gotten yourself up to running a 5k in just ONE month. There is so much that your body could have accomplished had you only made the change on that initial day!  

The human body is a marvelous thing and can do so much to impress us, if we take the time to train it and nourish it properly. Think about it, if a car is not being used, it will eventually lose the power to start. Your muscles and bones need to be put to work each day in order to progress through this wild and wonderful thing called life! So, what is it you would like to accomplish? To be able to play with your kids without getting overly exhausted? To be able to squat what is equivalent to your body weight? To be able to go on a run with your dog and not have them outrun you? There is so much you are capable of if you just believe in yourself and have a little bit of discipline. Change your “Could have” to “Have done.” 

A 30-minute workout is only about 2% of your day. So, set that alarm. Stick to it. 

Whatever you do…MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

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