Financial Wellness

By Kayla Coggins, BS, NETA-GFI  

If you are like me, when you think about wellness you think about exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. Wellness is so much more than that! Let’s tackle a topic that is not often affiliated with wellness, financial wellness 

Is it fair to say that one of the biggest stressors in life is money? I would say so! The ability to manage our financials plays a role in every aspect of our lives – both big and small – from buying a house or getting a new apartment to whether you can afford that morning cup of coffee. Money can also play a big role in relationships. Knowing a need from a want, in relations to spending, and expressing that to another person can cause stress. 

Here are a few tips to decrease the amount of financial stress in your life: 

Make and budget and stick to it! Understand where your money is going each month, that would be your monthly expenses, and look into where you can cut costs. Writing out your budget can help you save in the long run and will bring awareness to your daily, weekly and monthly expenses and spending habits.  

Save for an emergency. Things happen, it is part of life. Not having enough money to help in an emergency can cause more stress to the situation. Start small, even if it is just saving $10 a month in case of an emergency!     

Allow yourself an occasional splurge. Being financially mindful does not mean you can’t treat yourself every once in a while. Much like dieting, if you are too restrictive you end up feeling deprived. Strive to find balance between spending and saving.  

Remember, financial stress can cause the same side effects as other stress such as high blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety and depression. Being aware and practicing financial wellness will improve your overall well being!  

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