Evaluating your Day

By Brittany Watkins

WOW! 2020 has really changed everything! The family, work and life dynamic has been turned upside down in the blink of an eye. During this time, we must truly be more self-sufficient and learn how to manage our days and time.  Although our daily routine has been shaking up, it’s still important to spend time reflecting and evaluating your days. What are some things that you do to evaluate your day? Life?   

One way to evaluate your day is to ask yourself, what did I accomplish today? Think about all the tasks that you completed or even somewhat completed. When answering this question don’t be so hard on yourself.  Reward yourself for the basic accomplishments for example, going to working, or cooking dinner. Even if you started on a new project at home or at work, but didn’t complete it, that’s still a small accomplishment.  Even if you plan to reorganize your closet, and you folded all the clothes, but didn’t organize the clothes in the closet, that’s okay. Although, you didn’t complete the project, you still got started and are half way done, so give yourself some credit for that.  

Another way to evaluate your day is to set goals and prioritize your list. Ask yourself these questions, what do I need to get done today? What are my goals/tasks for the next day? What are the most important goals/tasks? What can I do today to help me prepare for tomorrow? Making a list can help you stay organized through the day and even when life, family, or home throws curve balls at you and throws you off track.  It still good to have a list to refer to back to help you refocus.  

Lastly, set reminders. I know that setting reminders can seem like a thing that old people do to help them remember things, but reminders can truly be helpful.  Reminders can simply be used to help you stay on track and complete your goals/tasks. Think of some creative ways to remind yourself of your goals. I have seen many people have thousands of colorful sticky notes posted on their bathroom mirror to remind them of positive inspirations.  When you create these reminders, whether you set your phone alarm or write notes on your hand, evaluate at the end of the day if the reminders were effective in helping you complete your goals. 

Remember, reflection and evaluating your day is important to help complete your goals/ tasks, especially when the work, family and life dynamic has changed. However, make sure that you give yourself grace and have some patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to complete all your goals in a day or month. Evaluate your days and continue to strive for success! 

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