Clear Space, Clear Mind

By Hope Cramer,

Our work life and home life are merged now more than ever. Most are working from their kitchen countertop, home office, or even their living room. Changing the pace and location of our work life can bring new challenges, new stress, and new anxiety that we might not have experiencedbefore. One way we can bring a stable and peaceful work life at home is by decluttering.  

Decluttering? That does not seem beneficial to relieve stress while working from home! At first, decluttering sounds like making a space look aesthetic. However, decluttering has many benefits to your mental health! Either with dishes piled up in the sink or papers over taking our desk, we can all relate to the clutter that can easily overtake our homes. Here are different ways decluttering brings health and mental benefits while working from home:  


  1. Decluttering your work and living space can help improve stress and anxiety levels. The more stuff we have physically piled up serves as a reminder of more things we have to do! Looking at the pile of dishes or shuffling through the papers on your desk will only add to the stress and anxiety of your day. This leads to a clutter anxiety cycle. Practice spending 10-20 minutes everyday clearing up your space, so you can clear up your mind! 


  2. You will feel physically healthier! Clutter can be an invitation for dust, germs, and dirt to live. Having dust and dirt settle in our work and living space can aggravate our respiratory system! Clearing up our space can also clear up the air that we breathe! 


  3. Removing and organizing items can increase productivity! Have you found yourself thinking about the mess of the desk or kitchen while working? Clutter increases the risk of distraction. It is easier to work productively when the area you are working in is clean and organized. 


  4. Improve your overall well-being by learning to cut out the essentials. It is weird to think that removing items from our space can bring peace and joy, but how many times have you become aggravated at not having the space for an item? If you find things sitting around with no purpose, no longer brings you joy, or you forgot you even had it, then it is time you let it go.  


Clearing up your space can be a little step-by-step process that you take during your week. However, being mindful of the clutter we let take over our space can bring great benefits. I challenge you to spend 10-20 minutes of your day to declutter your space, so your mind can be spacious and clear for your day!  

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