When great organizations come together, everyone thrives.

At Corporate Health Unlimited, we believe in specialization and providing the best services possible to our clients. We understand the value of staying on top of industry trends, results-producing programs and simply creating a beneficial environment for each client. This means partnering with the best in the business for impact services. That's why we may partner organizations that specialize in their respective fields and have cultivated and refined these relationships over the past 37 years so that these providers are an extension of our team, and therefore an extension of yours. We are proud to partner with the following respected organizations:


Good Measure Meals

Good Measure Meals/Open Hand provides nutritional counseling services through its staff of registered dietitians with extensive education, knowledge and experience. GMM adheres to and developed the Comprehensive Nutrition Care Model™, committed to providing for the needs of an ever-changing community and providing solutions to change lives. Corporate Health Unlimited partners with Good Measure Meals™  to have registered dietitians onsite at each of our facilities on a regular schedule for reliable, immediate access for our members. It provides us with an additional resource for Lunch & Learns, Health Fairs and special events. As an extension of our team, Good Measure Meals’™ experience and expertise in providing custom meal plans and preparation provides an additional resource for working with onsite food services in collaborating for healthy menu options, etc.


In order to maximize your potential, you have to know your body. Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase athletic performance, or push yourself to that next fitness goal, understanding your body composition, fitness level, and metabolism is critical. In the past, you have had to visit hospitals, laboratories, or other locations just to get an accurate picture of your fitness and body composition. This was not only inconvenient, but also expensive. Dexa Body brings research grade technology to Corporate Health Unlimited and provides convenient scheduling options and low cost testing. A truly valuable and unique offering for our clients.


Bobby Dodd Institute

Bobby Dodd Institute (BDI) empowers veterans, people with disabilities and disadvantages to maximize their potential by securing economic self-sufficiency, independence and integration into society. BDI is a multi-faceted institute providing job training, career counseling, recruitment and staffing, and long-term employment. Corporate Health Unlimited/Corporate Sports Unlimited has successfully partnered with BDI for more than five years. During this time, they have proven to be a valuable asset to our clients, fitness centers and members. Every organization is different and we work to find the best fit for potential BDI associates within fitness centers to bring the most value to our clients. We have found this relationship to be mutually rewarding for all—BDI, its veterans, our clients and Corporate Health Unlimited.

In 2014, Corporate Sports Unlimited was proudly recognized as Employer of the Year by Bobby Dodd Institute. View the video here.

Big Peach Running Co.

Big Peach Running Co. is a locally owned and operated retailer serving the needs of metropolitan Atlanta’s ever-growing community of runners and walkers. It is for everyone interested in a pedestrian-active lifestyle. In addition to carrying a wide range of footwear, apparel and accessories from the leading manufacturers, the entire Big Peach Running Co. staff embraces the lifestyle they promote and ensures that every aspect of your fitness routine is properly addressed.

Corporate Health Unlimited partners with Big Peach Running Co. for gait analyses, health fairs, lunch & learns, educational material, seminars, running programs and merchandise sales. Visit the Big Peach Running Co. website here.

close up of marathon runners legs and shoes