Leadership Team

Each member of our leadership team is experienced and passionate about health and wellness.

They oversee everything that goes on at Corporate Health Unlimited, and their resources and knowledge will ensure your project meets all your needs.

Donald H. Whitney

Founder, President & CEO

Cathy Jewell Whitney

Executive Vice President

Laura Clark

Division Vice President

Brian Whitney

Business Development

Chan Snipes

Senior Regional Manager

Jen Walker

Human Resources Manager


Beyond the leadership, our corporate office is staffed with professionals with a range of skills to help make your fitness center the best it can be.

Our corporate support includes accounting, reporting, recruiting, marketing, training, and program development. It also provides oversight to our facilities, ensuring that they are meeting and exceeding the standards that have been set.

Shana Ricker

Group Fitness Director

John Campbell

Operations Manager

Alanna Revear

Marketing & Design

Ed Baker

Advisor / Consultant

Joselyn Beckwith

Membership Management Associate

Abeba Belay

Accounting Coordinator

Stacy Wilson

Manager, MMS